​​Treatment Resources for Youth, Inc.

Q: How is TRY funded?

A: Treatment Resources for Youth, Inc. is a private non-private organization. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene of the State of Maryland has certified Treatment Resources for Youth as an outpatient, drug-free substance abuse treatment center.  TRY receives local and State government funds.


​Q: What resource type is TRY?

A: Adolescent and young adult services:  Alcohol and Drug Prevention, Education, and Treatment; Prevention services; Counseling & support services for challenges facing adolescents and young adults.


Q: What is TRY's primary focus?

A:  Substance abuse treatment and prevention programs


Q: What services does TRY provide? 

A: Prevention, Treatment and Referral services

          Type of Care: Outpatient, School -based services, Intensive Outpatient

          Special Programs/Groups: Anger Management, Drug Dealers Group, Relapse Prevention, Victim Awareness, VOICES--Females only, Project EXPOSED! afterschool



Q: How do I pay for TRY services?

A: TRY accepts Medical Assistance and Self payment --- co-payment is determined according to a sliding scale fee.


Q: Who is the Tier Population Served?

A: Adolescents ages 11-17 and emerging adults ages 18-24 in Baltimore City and the surrounding counties


Q: What methods of treatment does TRY offer?

A: Individual, family and group counseling.


​Q: What is the average duration of TRY treatment and counseling programs?

A: 90 days or longer, depending on individual progress


Q: Capacity?

A: 100


Q: What programs does TRY offer to the community?

A: TRY provides substance use education and prevention services in Baltimore City public schools; TRY provides referral services and health & wellness outreach


​Q: What specific programs does TRY implement in relation to drug prevention in the community?

A: TRY developed one of the first outpatient programs to establish and implement a specialty group that deals with adolescent  drug dealers.

Q: Does TRY offer summer programs for youth?

A: TRY runs a summer program which offers a variety of fun, age-appropriate experiences to youth; youth who qualify are paid to participate

Q: Does TRY provide services for families of individuals requiring treatment?

A: Yes, TRY also serves families.  TRY hosts a FREE 14-week family strengthening program several times per year.  

Q: Does TRY accept referrals?

A: Yes. Any person or agency can make a referral to TRY. TRY accepts referrals from schools, communities, homes, DJJ, DSS, courts, inpatient facilities and provides after-care curriculum for those being released from inpatient settings. To forward referrals

​Q: Does TRY provide full treatment programs?

A: Yes.  TRY alsorefers clients to appropriate modalities for services not offered at TRY, i.e., mental health treatment, inpatient treatment, Job Corps, etc.

Q: To what extent does TRY work with youth in the community to prevent illegal drug use?

A: TRY provides counselors who go into public schools and work with students and provide staff training for teachers. To request school counseling services

Q: Who can benefit from TRY, Inc., resources?

A: TRY provides education, outpatient care and counseling for individuals, groups and families who reside in Baltimore City and surrounding counties. 

     Any individual facing challeges that come with youth and young adulthood could benefit from services at TRY. 

           Operating Certificate Number: 71563

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